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Nikky Yang

Pastry Chef

Nikky was born in Seoul, Korea where she dreamed to become a Pasty Chef since her childhood. She immigrated to Canada in 2000 and attended Kwantlen University College where she studied Computer Business and Graphic Design.

After she finished her studies there, she worked at Music Studio until she decided to join the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts for Baking and Pastry to make her dream a reality. While learning at PICA, she worked on-site at a bakeshop and restaurant as a part of her training. Successfully, Nikky graduated with her Baking and Pastry Diploma and awarded for Perfect Attendance and Excellent Attitude.

Right after graduation, she started working at Watermark Restaurant on Kits Beach and joined Major The Gourmet in December 2006. Presently, her creative mind is bringing her to explore special cake decorating and creating unique pastry goods.