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Kitchen Seminars

Working in the kitchen, like building the perfect team can be extremely challenging, yet rewarding

Major the Gourmet is pleased to present a new concept to cooking - the culinary seminar. TV stations are flooded with cooking shows, every cooking shop in town offers cooking demonstration classes, and most culinary training institutes are offering programs for the serious amateur.

Putting a fresh spin on this concept, Major the Gourmet has developed the culinary seminar possessing an interactive team building distinction.

It all starts with identifying the "what" that needs to be done...what kind of dish will be prepared and what logistical planning needs to happen to achieve that goal. From the what we move on to the "who" we are cooking for. The idea is to intentionally target an audience and then producing a product that appeals to that audience. Once we know what needs to e done and who it is for, we can move to the "how." How are we going to strategically plan to produce this product for the target audience? All of this requires strong team direction.Working in the kitchen can be a very fun and rewarding exercise (you can eat what you create) in building a strong team.

Forget the rope climbing course to build character and trust in your team...jump into the frying pan instead!

Ingredients for success...

Together with our marketing team and senior chef, you can design a fresh, unique and fun hands-on culinary experience suited to your team from the options listed.

Seminar 1 - Recipe for Success

Providing a more controlled experience, this seminar includes several culinary exercises that incorporate strategy, teamwork, implementation, presentation, etc, for a more predictable outcome.

These workshops incorporate your team with a culinary consultant and focus on defined recipes that can be savoury, sweet, freeform, precise, and ethnic or any other number of styles, cooking techniques and flavours.

Seminar 2 - The Black Box Mystery!

The Black Box seminar is fashioned after the popular TV series "Iron Chef."

Bring your teams together with one a Major's culinary consultants and watch them create something from scratch. Each team is given a mystery box that holds all the ingredients needed to create a scrumptious masterpiece.

Each team chooses a leader from amongst the group members to lead the assessment of the provided ingredients, discuss options, explore outcomes, come to a consensus, and implement a plan. When all is said and done, hopefully the group will be able to enjoy a wonderful dish and revel in their team efforts

Culinary seminars can be schedules in Major's commercial kitchen, an offsite venue, or in your home or office depending on availability or necessary equipment.

Contact our marketing team to organize a unique team building experience today at 604.322.9211 or email us at cater@majorthegourmet.com