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Mission, Values & Sustainability

Major's Mission

Being the innovative leader in our industry, our goal is not only meeting expectations but exceeding them...created with passion by a dedicated team of event and culinary experts and delivered by our team of service professionals "a Major performance every time".

Major's Values

Where...good is never good enough, but where perfect will be just fine...in all food and event suppliers we look for these same values.

Where...the health of our clients and staff is the foundation to building a better workplace and environment to do business.

Where...ethics stand foremost by offering the best value through honest quotations and presentations.

Where...we strive to enhance the environment, by recycling, reusing and where possible using products and services that recognize the importance of these choices. We strive towards helping provide a more sustainable planet for the future.

Where...we recognize our successes are due to our staff and clients and we are committed to nurturing that relationship through education and the sharing of information and ideas.

Where...over 38 years of innovation is shared with Passion, Team Spirit, and Fun, which all help us achieve our Mission

Major's Commitment to Sustainability

Major the Gourmet’s philosophy and advocacy for social responsibility is demonstrated in our environmental initiatives and our adaptation of sustainable practices. Raising the standards in food quality goes beyond preparation,service and management; it encompasses ethics and eco-friendly relationships that lead tosustainability not only within the catering industry, but also within the community.

Major’s green initiative has grown tremendously since it began in 1990. From our offices and commissary, to our off site events, Major is taking every action in implementing practices that uphold our mission for a greener future. Our latest green push includes not only composting onsite but also composting at all off site events. All waste is brought back to our location for composting.

Major thrives on using local, wild and free run products as our first choice in commitment to support our local suppliers and adhering to our promise of only serving the highest quality food and supplies.

We are members of the Green Table Network, which develops innovative programs that effectively reduce the impact the companies in our industry have on the environment. We are also members of Oceanwise, dedicated to further the sustainability of our oceans. We will continue to grow and eagerly endorse new sustainable practices that will help minimize our carbon footprint.

Major's Green Initiatives

Ongoing: We are committed to continually source suppliers who have similar “green” goals. We are committed to increasingly using sustainable food sources. We are committed to constantly sourcing the best of biodegradable products. We are committed to incessantly educating our clients, suppliers and staff as to the conscious effort of going green.

January 2010: Reducing our garbage by another 20% by recycling tearable plastics such as bubble wrap, saran wrap, and plastic bags.

April 2009: 100% of compostable materials on and off site are collected and composted, reducing our garbage by 75%.

January 2009: Purchased specially designed pine beetle wood serving trays.

December 2008: Joined Green Table association and received an extremely high GTN report ranking.

November 2008: Converted all cleaning products to using all biodegradable. All paper towels and soap dispensers was replaced with environmentally friendly products. As well as all paper plates used were converted to the best biodegradable products available.

October 2008: Began the process of replacing fluorescent lighting to the energy efficient T-8. We plan to have all lighting replaced by January 2010.

July 2008: BC Power Smart conducted an audit of entire facility.

June 2008: Powering Off All computers and screens began being completely shut off at night as well as our all in one print/scan/fax/copy machine was switched to the energy saving mode at night.

October 2001: Office paper usage was again reduced with incoming faxes being sent through an online system, therefore printing only necessary faxes. Kitchen had also achieved an impressive decrease in the use of disposable trays for our corporate lunch business by 95%.

November 2001: Made the change from delivered bottled drinking water to our own “bottled” reverse osmosis water coolers – reducing gas emissions by eliminating delivery.

June 1990 – January 2000: First Steps Gradually all disposable plastic trays were replaced with reusable trays for all corporate deliveries. An effort much appreciated by our clients.

May 1990:Implement the Basics A full recycling program was implemented in the kitchen and the office. Blue bins were purchased for the kitchen to separate tin, hard plastics and glass for recycling – eliminating all recyclables from the garbage. The office made huge steps to reduce the amount paper wasted by making scratch pads from scrap paper and placing recycling boxes at each work station.

Prior to 1990: All efforts were made to reuse, reduce and recycle in the kitchen and in the office as well as being strongly committed to the use sustainable food sources and local grown products.